CTMS: Managing the Protocol Distribution of PI-Initiated Studies

For research organizations running and managing trials at multiple locations, a CTMS proves to be an invaluable asset for numerous reasons. However, if your organization runs a lot of PI-initiated studies, the creation and distribution of these study protocols may be difficult. Some systems in the marketplace, however, have functionality to make this process easier. If you are looking for a CTMS, be sure to inquire about how the system manages PI-initiated protocol distribution.

In some systems, if a PI builds a protocol at their location, they are unable to distribute that protocol to the central offices, where traditional protocols are created and then distributed to participating locations. To work around this, the central office may have to rebuild the protocol based of a paper copy from the PI. This increases wasted time as well as the risk for error. What’s more, any time another location wanted to run a study, the protocol may need to be recreated at that specific location.

CTMS offerings that mitigate these inefficiencies do so by enabling the ability for PI-initiated protocols to be sent directly to the central office with the CTMS. From there, the central office can distribute that protocol to any other location looking to run that particular trial. With the right CTMS, this quick distribution and transfer of information makes PI-initiated research a more enticing option!

Remember, if your organization engages in a lot of PI-initiated research, make sure to ask CTMS vendors the right questions to ensure you have the best system for your organization.

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