Control the Conversation with CTMS Vendors

CTMS applications have many features, but for your organization, different features will hold different levels importance. When looking at CTMS applications, you should know what to look for and ask to see. Utilize these tactics to better understand how each CTMS will benefit your specific organization:

Create a CTMS Wish List

This is a simple, but often overlooked, tactic. Work with your organization to determine specific features and processes you would want in your ideal CTMS. Share these items with every vendor you meet with and ask to see how each system addresses each item.

Highlight Your Current Pain Points

Make another list of items you dislike related to your current process and also ask to see how each CTMS completes these processes. This will allow you to determine which applications most align with the ideal way you want to complete your research.

Keep Your Research Community Involved

You are just one person working in one role at your research organization. Involve other parties in your CTMS search. This way, their needs are addressed early on, which will facilitate adoption once you select a CTMS and begin to roll it out at your organization.

Don’t Forget About Integration

A CTMS is only one system you will use to complete your research. Ask every vendor if and how their CTMS can integrate or interface with your other technologies. Also, don’t forget to inquire about the time and cost associated with these integrations.

Track Your Decisions

This is a helpful tactic that will help you remember WHY you are looking for specific features or why you ruled out a specific CTMS vendor. This way, you don’t waste time second guessing your decisions and avoid wasting time and money.

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