See Only What You Need to See: Scheduling Application Security Privileges

Automated scheduling applications provide healthcare organizations and departments a plethora of benefits and functionalities that can enhance efficiency, save money and increase staff satisfaction. In order to deliver so much, these applications must be robust, containing many pages, reports and views. For an administrator or people in charge of the schedule-making process; but for physicians and staff, so much choice can become confusing and lead to dissatisfaction and reluctance to use the application – which then causes many problems.

Fortunately, the best automated scheduling applications can solve this with security privileges, which limit the pages, reports and views that staff members can see depending on their roles within the organization. Below are some ways security privileges benefit healthcare organizations and why you should be on the lookout for them when you search for your scheduling application:

Increased Adoption

If your scheduling application has the functionality to de-clutter and simplify the application the way physicians and staff would like to see it, then everyone in your organization has the ability to access the application and quickly gather their essential information and get on with the rest of the day. With security privileges, the added simplicity makes the application easier to use, which means staff are more likely to actually use it, increasing your ROI.

Faster Learning

Some scheduling applications can be complex, and training takes a while if every user is forced to understand how every page works, whether or not they will ever access it. Security privileges decrease this requirement and let users spend more time learning the pages they have access to.

Increased Satisfaction

Satisfaction amongst employees occurs when efficiency and simplicity are maximized. With security privileges, for users, simplicity is maximized while keeping the efficiency the entire application brings to the department. This means everyone gets all the information they need, along with the simplicity they crave.