How BI Can Help Turn Raw Data into Actionable, Profitable Change

Clinical research software has immensely improved the quality and efficiency of clinical trials in healthcare organizations. These solutions also generate enormous amounts of raw data with the potential to unlock key insights on the financial state of your healthcare organization. But for many clinical research business leaders, raw data isn’t enough. Like the most cruciferous of vegetables, raw data is not quite digestible.

Business leaders and healthcare organizations don’t have the time or resources to interpret the data clinical trial software generates into actionable change. With Business Intelligence, healthcare organizations now have the ability to transform ad hoc data into actionable insights.

A More Profitable Way to Measure

“Clinical research business leaders are expressing a clear need for a tool that quickly and easily organizes their enormous quantities of data into something actionable,” says Kate Yawman, Product Line Manager for Clinical Conductor CTMS. “With just a few clicks, our BI module provides access to the information our users need to run the world’s best research.”

Actionable information is crucial for clinical research organizations. With business intelligence, organizations can now measure financial performance as a data point of its own. Whether they decide to do so study by study or for the business, the strategic insights will allow study leaders to make informed decisions and predict future revenue and costs more accurately. More importantly, measuring financial data in a meaningful way can help research clinics determine the health of their business as a whole, helping them answer crucial questions regarding growth and potential investments.

Making financial decisions for your health organization is difficult without measurable insights. Even if your current clinical trial system can measure, track, and account for money spent and lost, without understandable interpretation this data is not actionable. Clinical research organizations need to make key financial decisions to ultimately grow their bottom line, and business intelligence tools provide the actionable information necessary to accomplish this.


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