3 Reasons Why eRegulatory and a CTMS Are a Match Made in Heaven

Having an eRegulatory and document management solution, as well as a clinical trial management system are two crucial parts of the clinical research industry. Both provide research sites with simplified and comprehensive solutions for their document and trial management difficulties. However, sites are inundated with a growing number of technologies that rarely interact with each other, resulting in additional burden onto teams that already are overworked.

Recently, Clinical Conductor CTMS and Complion, a eRegulartory and document management solution, announced a brand-new integration designed to centralize and streamline the sharing of regulatory and study documents among research staff. Below are a few reasons why this integration is an important and valuable solution for any clinical research site.

Simplified Processes

The seamless integration between Clinical Conductor and Complion provides a streamlined process for your documents to follow. By connecting the two systems, research sites can eliminate redundant data entry of documents into a CTMS. Simply upload your documents into Complion and they will be accessible in the Study Documents portion of Clinical Conductor. This integration enables the automatic filing of documents across many studies and systems, as well as enforce standard naming conventions. This comprehensive solution allows research sites to update the document status, signature status and history and see that information in their CTMS.


Real-time access to current study documentation is critical to improve efficiency, ensure accuracy and maintain compliance. Providing self-service access to members of your research site can provide them with one-click access to the most recent Protocol, ICF, or study document from within Clinical Conductor. With this integration, research sites can uphold document access controls to make sure the right people can access the right documents. It can also give research sites the ability to use their preferred system to view their documents, and ensures access to the current document every time you use Clinical Conductor.


Finally, having the ability to track the status of study documents, including signatures, approval statues, upload dates and versions, is a crucial part of this integration. Research sites can view their current and archived documents in one location, set document placeholders and include links to checklists and actions. These tracking features provide research sites with the most up to date information on all of their document management activities.

With this integration, clinical research sites get the benefits of study management through Clinical Conductor with the power of Complion for centralizing, organizing and accessing documents. Think your research site would benefit from a CTMS and eRegulatory solution? Contact us today!

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