3 Qualities of a High-Performing Research Site

Innovations in the medical field are advancing at a consistent and rapid pace. As more medical treatments and therapies emerge, clinical research sites are playing a crucial role in helping patients get the treatments they need. While the need for research sites are high, clinicians face a number of challenges existing in such a highly competitive field. In order to have the continued support of sponsors, research sites need to stand out from their peers on a number of levels. But what are the qualities of a high-performing site, and how can a research facility achieve this level of performance and ensure continued sponsorship?

Here are three ways research facilities can optimize their performance and stand out from other sites:

  1. High-performing research sites are invested in their people.

According to a recent survey conducted by RAND Corporation, a leading research organization in the healthcare field, a research site’s success is often linked to the staff and culture at the facility in question. High performing research facilities had a statistically higher proportion of individuals who were research-trained They also found that sites that focus on their recruitment and training efforts saw a higher level of performance. The staff members at these sites typically had higher-paying salaries than their lower-performing counterparts.

  1. High-performing sites are adaptable in a rapidly changing industry.

Compliance and regulatory standards continually emerge, shift, and evolve in the world of clinical research. Sites that are responsive to these changing regulations are often more efficient and exacting in their research. This means implementing systems and practices that keep the wellbeing of their patients in mind. In the same study, RAND Corporation found that high-performing research teams display a “distinct sense of ethos of social and ethical values.”

  1. High-performing sites have a robust and comprehensive CTMS to help them stay ahead of the curve.

High-performing sites implement research strategies that are not just a reflection of their values but are living and owned. Becoming a high-performing research site in today’s highly competitive research environment requires a mindset of adaptability, teamwork, ethics, and innovation. The best way to achieve this mindset in an optimal matter is by implementing a CTMS with capabilities that will enable your research site to manage multiple studies while meeting the needs of your patients.

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