Increase Site Revenue with Virtual Visit Completion

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CCVideo is a patient centric virtual meeting solution that helps boost revenue by enabling visit completion in remote or hybrid trials, enhancing both safety and participant satisfaction while ensuring video call compliance. In addition to dramatically reducing visit expenses and increasing completions, CCVideo also helps with patient recruitment and retention by increasing the frequency and quality of interactions.

Optimized to support telehealth workflows for clinical studies, CCVideo enhances the overall operational flexibility and readiness of your organization to enhance revenue while adapting to change.

Why CCVideo?

Increased Profitability

Increases Site Revenue

Allows for increased visit completion by enabling remote video visits and CTMS integration eliminates multi-system visit data entry costs.

Virtual Visit Completion

Enhances the patient experience by delivering secure end-to-end video conferencing made for remote study workflows, easy screen capture, and screensharing.

Video Conference

Simple Video Calls

  • No app download, plug-in, or installation required for sessions.
  • Provides video call access by sending a simple text message or email
  • On-demand or pre-schedule calls with up to 4 participants and no time limit

Improved Patient Engagement

Expands Recruitment & Enrolled Patient Reach

  • Connects with study recruitment prospects outside of your immediate area
  • Increases safety by conducting first office visits remotely
  • Reduces “drop-outs” with higher frequency contact with participants



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Increase Site Revenue with Virtual Visit Completion

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