The only CTMS-integrated, 2-way text messaging solution available to sites and site networks.


Boost Patient Engagement and Retention

CCText is an advanced text messaging solution for clinical research sites designed to boost patient engagement and retention with 2-way messaging for sending and confirming appointment reminders.

It enhances the enrollment process with the ability to proactively communicate potential trials to known patients and facilitate connecting interested patients with recruiters via 2-way text communication.


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Why Choose CCText?

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Enhancing the Patient Experience

  • Avoid missed study visits with appointment reminders
  • Obtain study information in a clear, non-intrusive text
  • Communicate with their site via 2-way text chat
  • Receive text reminders to keep up on study requirements

Streamlining Enrollment Processes

  • Find potential study patients
  • Share study information with patient-centric messaging
  • Answer questions and qualify in real time with 2-way text chat
  • Funnel prospects into Clinical Conductor CTMS for screening
  • Maximize recruitment on the highest quality prospects

Simplifying Site Operations

  • Increase patient satisfaction with tailored messages
  • Boost retention with valuable potential study information
  • Reduce missed appointments with 2-way text confirmations
  • Decrease no-shows and drop outs at all stages of your studies
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance as you communicate with secure, 2-way texts
  • Cut down on protocol deviations with patient text reminders
  • Comply with IRB guidelines by using approved text message templates

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