CC Pay
Payments that are Patient-Centric.


CCPay is the industry’s most advanced patient payment application seamlessly integrated with CC CTMS. CCPay offers sites the unprecedented ability to service patients by providing real-time payment reimbursements to secure patient payment cards.

This advanced service is delivered in the most cost-effective in the clinical research industry with comprehensive service and support along with advanced analytics on their patient payment processes.


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Why CCPay?

Enhance the Patient Experience

  • Directly pay patients with a secure pay card
  • Reload cards in real time making payments effortless
  • Seamless transaction boosts retention and satisfaction
  • Support caregivers with stipend cards

Streamline Site Staff Processes

  • Issue reimbursements to patients in seconds
  • Complete your reimbursement process in one system, not two or more
  • Easily support payment card replacements
  • Connect payment details to each patient with CTMS Integration

Increase Site Oversight

  • Reduce errors and wasted time on administrative tasks
  • Centralize transactions and stay alert of every detail
  • Monitor finances with detailed payment reports
  • Increase site-level financial security
  • Enhance community branding with custom pay cards

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CCPay could save you up to

versus using checks to process payments.


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