Payments that are Patient-Centric.

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CCPay is the industry’s most advanced patient payment application seamlessly integrated with CC CTMS. CCPay offers sites the unprecedented ability to service patients by providing real-time payment reimbursements to secure patient payment cards.

This advanced service is delivered in the most cost-effective in the clinical research industry with comprehensive service and support along with advanced analytics on their patient payment processes.


Why CCPay ?


Enhance the Patient Experience

  • Directly pay patients with a secure pay card
  • Reload cards in real time making payments effortless
  • Seamless transaction boosts retention and satisfaction
  • Support caregivers with stipend cards


Streamline Site Staff Processes

  • Issue reimbursements to patients in seconds
  • Complete your reimbursement process in one system, not two or more
  • Easily support payment card replacements
  • Connect payment details to each patient with CTMS Integration


Increase Site Oversight

  • Reduce errors and wasted time on administrative tasks
  • Centralize transactions and stay alert of every detail
  • Monitor finances with detailed payment reports
  • Increase site-level financial security
  • Enhance community branding with custom pay cards

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CCPay could save you up to

versus using checks to process payments.


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What Our Customers Say

Durham Nephrology Associates
Case Study

“We have heard from so many patients about their phenomenal user experience with CCPay. No other payment solution can do what they can in terms of patient service, reporting, or overall program execution.”

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Discover Payments that are Patient-Centric.

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