Increase data accuracy and quality.


CCeSource is a comprehensive electronic source data system that enables study workflows to easily capture source data in real-time, speeding up capture time, minimizing duplicate data entry, reducing monitoring visits and optimizing site data operations.

The ability to remotely share high-quality, digital data reduces sponsor monitoring costs and speeds up source data verification, enhancing your chances of being selected as a site. Many sponsors are also happy to cover your eSource costs! CCeSource elevates the quality of the information captured, minimizing study delays and allowing more time with patients.


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Benefits of CCeSource

Increased Data Quality

Reduces Data Capture Time

  • Provides efficient digital capture
  • Minimizes double-data entry
  • Enables mobile device access
Increased Data Quality

Increases Source Data Quality

  • Provides built-in edit checks and QA workflows
  • Enables real-time query resolution
  • Reduces protocol violations
Improved Collaboration

Minimizes Monitoring Visits

  • Improves site/sponsor relations
  • Enables remote monitoring and verification of data
  • Increases quality of shared data
Reduces Study Startup Time

Reduces Payment Cycle Time

  • Allows for faster payments
  • Speeds up source data verification
  • Increases data accuracy
Data Integration

Streamlines Data Access

  • Provides efficient digital capture
  • Allows access from mobile devices
  • Empowers remote monitoring
Enhances Study Financial Performance

Enhances Study Financial Performance

  • Reduces study billing cycles through real-time reporting
  • Minimizes transcription errors
  • Allows remote post-visit tasks

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