Document management for audit readiness and compliance.

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CCeReg is a comprehensive 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic regulatory document management solution that helps research organizations ensure regulatory compliance, eliminate the cost and inefficiency of paper binders and maintain audit readiness.

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Why CCeReg ?

Document Management

Stay Compliant

  • Be organized, current and audit-ready
  • Ensure timely eSignatures from any location
  • Automatically monitor credentialing and licensure


Avoid Study Deviations

  • Automate deadline notifications
  • Stay on schedule with remote PI eSignatures
  • Automate version control


Negotiate Better

  • Optimize study startup metrics and reports
  • Share regulatory documents with reviewers easily
  • Provide remote monitoring for sponsors

Start-up Time

Accelerate Startup Time

  • Automate status, deadline and alert notifications
  • Minimize interruptions with workflow imbedded eSignatures
  • Track milestones and expiration dates

Staff Workload

Decrease Staff Workload

  • Stay organized with transparent workflows
  • Maximize team effectiveness with standardized processes
  • Avoid mistakes with current version tracking

Decrease Costs

Eliminate Paper Binder Costs

  • Eliminate storage and retrieval costs
  • Turn binder supply costs into a distant memory
  • Increase efficiency while reducing labor costs

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Switch to Digital Regulatory Management

A growing number of clinical research sites are shifting from outdated paper binders to easily accessed digital files for regulatory management. Sites that have shifted to digital regulatory management have optimized resources, freeing up staff time to focus on patient-care and revenue-producing tasks that maximize productivity, accuracy, and profitability. Find out how much your site can save on regulatory management by making the switch:

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What Our Customers Say

Accel Research
Case Study

“Since implementing CC CTMS, my recruitment staff has been able to make more calls each day; more calls mean more patients, and more patients mean more funding for our sites.”

Case Study

“Integrating CC CTMS with Facebook means our team is able to reach out to prospective patients in near real time, allowing for conversations with engaged prospects, rather than cold leads.”

Clinical Research Resources

Blog Post
Remote trial management capabilities are becoming more critical for research sites, both now and into the future. Optimizing remote site visits — for staff, patients, and site auditors – is the foundation for long-term success in this area. Site leadership should work with their teams to develop and navigate remote strategies, solutions, and rollouts for […]

Discover document management for audit readiness and compliance.

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