Reduce Audit Findings and Increase the Quality of Your Consenting Process

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CCeConsent is the only electronic consenting system for sites that keeps patients engaged, ensures participant understanding, simplifies oversight and improves the overall consenting process.

Eliminate site ICP audit risks and boost patient retention with simple, interactive multimedia (text, video, audio, hints, multi-language) to keep patients engaged, while the system tracks progress and conducts knowledge assessments to verify participant comprehension throughout the consenting process. By simplifying the consenting process for staff with detailed analytics, remote access and real-time alerts and checks, sites also gain significant improvements in consenting efficiency and a boost in ICF data quality.


Why CCeConsent ?

User Engagement

Boost Participant Engagement

  • Provides efficient digital capture
  • Minimizes double-data entry
  • Enables mobile device access

Enhanced Site Selection

Improve Patient Study Comprehension & Retention

  • Automated knowledge assessments
  • Hints for missed questions
  • Progress tracking and analytics


Enhance Consenting Compliance

  • Standardized consenting eSignature process
  • HIPAA and CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Patients opt-out at any time


Ensure Consent Process Efficiency

  • Standard regulatory and personal data forms
  • Consent versioning and audit trails
  • Automated reconsenting reminders

Improved Patient Engagement

Increase Patient Enrollment

  • Comprehension focused consenting
  • Easy to setup form templates
  • Complete process oversight


Start Visit Procedures Faster

  • Quality checks during consenting
  • Increased patient comprehension
  • Controlled eSignature workflow

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Increase Retention & Optimize Your Consenting Process

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