Enhance Your Patients’ Trial Experience

Too often, clinical trial managers focus so much on the recruitment, scheduling, administration, expenses, results, and other details of a trial that they forget one very important element: the patients. The people participating in your trials aren’t just another bit of data to enter in your CTMS—they’re human beings, and their experience interacting with your […]

Text Me: Using Text Messaging to Increase Patient Recruitment & Engagement

Patient recruitment and retention are two of the most important elements of successful clinical trials. Increasing results in these areas is a constant goal for almost any research business and understanding the best ways to achieve them are critical for success. Clinical trial teams have a number of strategies and tools to increase patient interest, […]

Realizing Real Recruitment & Retention Results

Recruitment and retention of patients are one of the largest barriers standing in the way of successful clinical trials. 75 percent of clinics fail to enroll their target number of subjects, and 90 percent of all clinical trials worldwide fail to enroll patients within the target amount of time (source for both). Understanding how your site […]

What Clinical Trial Websites Need to Attract Patients

Each month, thousands of people Google the words “clinical trials.” This presents research sites and study sponsors with a big opportunity to recruit potential participants. A dedicated website can attract applicants to your clinical trial—provided you design it well. Clinical trial websites aren’t always created with potential study subjects in mind. Visitors to ClinicalTrials.gov, for […]

3 Qualities of a High-Performing Research Site

Innovations in the medical field are advancing at a consistent and rapid pace. As more medical treatments and therapies emerge, clinical research sites are playing a crucial role in helping patients get the treatments they need. While the need for research sites are high, clinicians face a number of challenges existing in such a highly […]

Optimizing Facebook Ad Demographics for Clinical Research Sites

Last month, the Clinical Conductor Webinar series was hosted by Hannah Kepros and Matt Waller of PatientWise to discuss how sites can use Facebook to optimize their clinical trials. Utilizing Facebook to recruit for clinical trials is a great way for sites to quickly and easily find potential participants. Hannah and Matt started off their […]

Tackle Patient Retention Success with Text Messaging

Staying connected with patients is critical to the success of any study, and without them, studies would ceases to exist. For this reason, it is critical for research organizations of all sizes to effectively communicate with each patient that is enrolled in a study. One way to ensure regular, clear and effective communication with patients […]

Successful Study Enrollment: Common Pitfalls

Study Enrollment performance is a great tool to gauge the success of a trial early on. Recruitment issues may prompt additional difficulties later, so it’s important to know that you are recruiting trial patients to the best of your ability. If you are noticing that your recruitment could be better, or that it has been […]

Right Your Organization’s Recruitment Wrongs

Often, recruitment is a great tool to gauge the success of your clinical trial early on. Recruitment issues may prompt more difficulties later on, so it’s important to know you are recruiting trial patients to the best of your ability. If you are noticing that your recruitment could be better, or that it has been giving […]

Speed Up Your Site’s Recruitment

As the exclusion criteria for new studies continue to become larger than ever, sites are challenged more and more to find the right number of the right patients for their trials. These difficulties are expounded as timelines and budgets become restrictive; as a result, sites are often faced with losing money on a trial or […]