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University of Rochester Case Study

The Problem

The University of Rochester Pathology department was becoming extremely frustrated with their manual scheduling process. The group’s secretary would send out an email asking for time off requests, and then manually input those requests into an Excel file. This resulted in negotiating with staff over schedules and needs and manually calculating how many days physicians would work per sub-specialty. This cumbersome process was ineffcient and took an entire week to create a three-month schedule for their 2 locations.

During the summer of 2015, the Pathology department changed the way they distribute work, creating a more complex schedule than ever before. The University of Rochester Pathology department soon realized they would need an automated scheduling system to schedule their 50 person team. The Pathology department needed a customizable schedule and the ability to conduct reports Since each pathologist works a different role, a basic scheduling system would not be suffcient for the University of Rochester.

Momentum Implementation

After looking at a variety of scheduling applications, the University of Rochester Pathology Department chose Momentum Scheduling, due to the innovative features and personalized support they would receive.

The Momentum Project Management team worked with the University of Rochester to incorporate their rules into the application. During this time, the Pathology team at the University of Rochester received in- depth training on all the features within Momentum. This training covered how to create schedules, make manual edits, approve vacation/time-off requests, integrate into third-party calendar systems and to access reports in real time. The implementation process took about five months.

The Benefits

Since implementing Momentum, the Pathology department at the University of Rochester has significantly reduced their schedule build time. Since its implementation of Momentum in July of 2016, efficiency at the organization has immensely improved.

“What used to take me and my secretary a whole week now takes less than day. We can schedule three months at a time; press a button and the schedule is filled in for you,” says Whitney-Miller.

The University of Rochester Pathology department utilizes the reporting functionality provided by Momentum, making it easy to retrieve data to backup fairness. Momentum’s request features made it simple for the University of Rochester administrator to accept and deny vacation requests.

By introducing Momentum Scheduling to the Pathology Department at the University of Rochester, they significantly decreased their schedule build time, gained the ability to produce accurate reports, and eliminated late requests.

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