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Momentum Scheduling


  • 99% less time to complete monthly scheduling 
  • Consistent schedule version available for staff and providers
  • Ability to equate time savings into billable hours

“The time we’ve saved and stress we’ve avoided by using Momentum cannot be understated. Having an accurate schedule is critical for our doctors and patients and ensures the appropriate person is contacted in a timely and efficient manner. This could actually mean life or death in some instances.”

Lorie M. Wolfanger


UR Medicine’s department of neurology is arguably one of the most critical in the medical center’s offering. The department manages schedules for attendings, residents, fellows, techs, and nursing staff, as well as handling room management. This also means that scheduling needs to be completed for all of these areas not just each month, but on an ongoing basis as conflicts and emergencies arise. This massive task used to be handled through an Excel document that had constant challenges arising from updates, notification issues, and versioning that made having a commonly understood schedule across the department nearly impossible. And it wasn’t just administration staff feeling the burden; doctors and providers were regularly asked to approve new schedule requests and determine solutions for staffing challenges.

Knowing that neurology staff and partners needed a more sophisticated solution to ease staffing burden and to better serve their patients, department Administrator Lorie M. Wolfanger undertook selection and deployment of a scheduling software system. Initially, decision makers didn’t understand the need for the change. “People outside the system only saw the end result, that is a completed schedule,” said Wolfanger. “They didn’t understand the time and effort that went into it so we had to illustrate that by showing how the technology investment would pay off in increased billable hours.” Once the transition to scheduling software was approved, UR Medicine chose Momentum because of the software’s successful deployment at the University of Rochester and other hospitals.

In place for only four months, Momentum has proven to deliver remarkable changes for the neurology department. Monthly scheduling used to take two full days plus added time throughout the month ensuring changes were consistent among each schedule version. Momentum has cut that down to 15 minutes total. Further, the staff had historically been in a constant state of stress wondering if the schedule they were looking at was, in fact, the most up-to-date. “This has been a lifesaver, literally,” said Wolfanger. “Our team now has one place to view all the schedules involved in neurology, meaning patients are ensured their critical health issues will be handled by someone that is available and appropriate for their care.” 

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