Sterling Research Group Sees Spike in Enrollment, Profitability, and Sponsor Support

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40% increase in patient enrollment, 20% increase in profitability, 53% increase sponsor funding


“The implementation of and transition to CC CTMS was an extremely easy process.”


Sterling Research faced several problems when it came to tracking, recording, and organizing its research data. In addition, Sterling was unable to create detailed call lists for their recruiters, which had a direct effect on enrollment numbers. The Group used a multitude of applications (from pen and paper to software and everything in between) trying to solve these issues.

Tired of the confusion and ineffectiveness of their current systems, Sterling implemented CC CTMS over a two-month time frame which included data import and staff training. They were paired with dedicated CC CTMS customer support specialists who helped set up a deployment timeline, train users and provide ongoing support.

Sterling ResultsSince deployment, Sterling has seen a 100% improvement in centralization and tracking of study-related events, a 40% increase in patient enrollment, a 20% increase in overall profitability, and a 53% increase in the number of additional advertising funds received from sponsors. In addition, Sterling Research Group is using CC CTMS to more expeditiously determine study feasibility. The integrated CTMS allows staff to quickly pull reports and real-time data to determine if patients meet the necessary requirements.

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