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Sterling Research Case Study

The Problem

Sterling Research faced several problems when it came to tracking, recording and organizing its research data, and used a multitude of applications at once to try and solve these issues.

The most critical problem they faced was a lack of centralization and organization. Study and admin duties were tracked using a number of different software applications in conjunction with multiple pen and paper systems, and each location had its own processes and documentation. The second problem faced by Sterling was their inability to create detailed call lists for the recruiters, which was done using an inadequate CTMS.

The Solution

Implementation of Clinical Conductor with Sterling Research Group took approximately two months, and the transition was described as “an extremely easy process.”

The Clinical Conductor implementation process involved the import of data from the CTMS system that Sterling was using into Clinical Conductor, followed by training the staff on how to use the system. Throughout this process, Sterling Research Group was paired with Clinical Conductor customer support specialists who helped setup a deployment timeline, train users and provide ongoing support, which is included with every subscription.

The Results

With Clinical Conductor, Sterling has seen a great improvement in patient tracking, patient recruitment, financial management and reimbursement from sponsors for advertising, all while reducing errors.

Sterling has seen a 100% improvement in their centralization and tracking of study-related events. With just a few clicks, users can determine which study visits had occurred, who had been contacted, who had been paid and dozens of other metrics. In turn, this has helped to save time and reduce errors by eliminating manual processes and ensuring that all necessary data is captured.

Previously, Sterling had a hard time using their patient database to identify potential candidates for specific studies. Since implementing Clinical Conductor CTMS, the group has seen a 40% increase in patient enrollment in their studies.

In addition to addressing the problems that the group was facing, Sterling Research Group has been able to use Clinical Conductor to determine study feasibility. Users can quickly pull reports and real-time data from the system to determine if they meet the necessary requirements to be successful for a particular study.

They have also seen an improvement of 20% in their overall profitability, as well as a 53% increase in the amount of additional advertising funds received from sponsors. Sterling Research uses enrollment and advertising tracking data from within Clinical Conductor to show sponsors the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and using this as leverage to obtain more funds.

Overall, Sterling Research Group has seen a tremendous amount of improvement since transitioning to Clinical Conductor CTMS, and the group was able to address their pressing concerns and problems along with reaping a number of other benefits.

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