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Saint Louis University Case Study

The Problem

The St. Louis University Anesthesiology Department has multiple locations staffed with over 100 physicians, mid-level and residents. Scheduling their 32 residents was their biggest challenge, and they began looking for a scheduling system that could handle equity, as well as reporting mechanisms with numerous options and filters.

Prior to Momentum, SLU Anesthesiology was using another scheduling software to create schedules in two month and one month increments; the entire process took three weeks. The application was rules based by theory. It looked like a grid and worked well for chained events, but was unable to establish rules. The previous system was a locally installed application and was unable to be accessed by the department online. This prevented staff from being able to see their schedule at home or be able to make changes when they were away from a work computer.

Finding an application that could handle their equity was important, as was the reporting functionality of the application. The previous system had some reporting features built into the application, but if you wanted to build your own reports, or have them built for you, there was an additional charge. It was crucial to be able to create custom reports for the SLU Anesthesiology Department because the Chair of the Department would look for specific metrics in a date range that was not a part of the typical reports they had access to.

Momentum Implementation

The Director of the SLU Anesthesiology Department decided that they needed a scheduling system that was rules based and easily accessible. After viewing the available applications, SLU Anesthesiology selected Momentum because it contained the most amount of features, while still being reasonably affordable.

The Momentum Project Management team then began working with SLU Anesthesiology to incorporate its existing rules into the application. SLU Anesthesiology also received in-depth training on all of the features within Momentum. This training covered how to create schedules, make manual edits, approve vacation and time-off requests, integrate into third party calendar systems, and to access real-time reports regarding vacation time. This allowed SLU to easily utilize Momentum to begin tracking equity, manage requests, and create schedules.

The Benefits

Compared to the three weeks of build time in the previous system, SLU Anesthesiology can create their two and one month schedules in 15 minutes. Administrators can also make manual changes at any time, ensuring its schedules are always accurate, and changes can easily be notified to physicians and administrators.

SLU Anesthesiology can now schedule their 32 residents, 30 mid-levels, and 48 faculty with ease. The rules required by SLU Anesthesiology were implemented and used to successfully schedule everyone across their three locations.

Momentum’s request features made it simple for the SLU Anesthesiology administrator to accept and deny vacation requests.

With the implementation of Momentum, SLU Anesthesiology is able to access their entire schedule online, making it easier to request time off and view the schedule when they don’t have access to a work computer. “I appreciate Momentum for being cloud based, because when I’m on vacation, I can deal with things on the fly,” said Leslie Wells ,Technology Coordinator at St. Louis University Anesthesiology.

Overall, implementing Momentum Scheduling has made scheduling more efficient for SLU Anesthesiology. The build time for their schedules has been reduced substantially and they have the ability to create custom reports.

Wells stated, “There are a lot of systems out there. There are positives and negatives for each. With us, Momentum works really well for our needs and for what our Anesthesiology department requires.”

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