CC CTMS Gives Reading Hospital the Power to Triple the Number of Trials with No Additional Manpower

Number of Trials Being Managed:





Aligned CTMS and EMR, resulting in a single system input for increase efficiencies


“CC CTMS was the only system that easily integrated with our EMR, making all aspects of Reading’s studies easier to manage.”

Crystal Nagle
Contract & Compliance Manager


Reading Hospital, part of the Tower Health system, has been using CC CMTS at the site level for more than two years. Transitioning from an Excel-based system to CTMS brought Reading a streamlined solution to building and managing studies. And while the goal is central office management using the system, the sites have realized great financial and site management results. Reading’s team has integrated financial and study parameters into the building of all new studies.

Automating critical, and often time intensive, study components such as invoicing, budgeting, patient follow-up, and subject stipends had resulted in efficiencies across Reading’s projects. That efficiency has enabled Reading to increase the number of studies its running with the same number of staff members.

An additional benefit has been its ability to integrate with EPIC, Reading’s EMR system. Members of both CC CMTS and EPIC sit on Reading’s core deployment team, ensuring that every aspect of the organization’s studies are taken into account. It’s also meant that the three Hospital team members now only need to input information into one system, saving time and mitigating the risk of human error.

Reading, which was part of Tower’s recent merger with Drexel University College of Medicine, is now working on CTO-level study management using CC CMTS. The goal – centralized research operations across the hospitals conducting research – will expand upon the efficiencies that Reading has already seen, providing more support for research teams, patients, and the community.

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