QPS Miami Research Associates Enhances Study Selection and Recruitment Efforts

Number of Trials Being Managed:

140 active trials


CC CTMS, integrated at three separate locations


Entry into 500 studies with improved recruitment of qualified patients


“CC CTMS has allowed us to manage our studies, patients, and finances more effectively and accurately.”

Ricardo Aleman
Senior Specialist of Financial Accounting at QPS-MRA


QPS Miami Research Associates (QPS-MRA) is the largest privately-owned multi-specialty clinical research center in the United States. Established in 1996, their dedicated staff consists of 25 board-certified physician investigators and more than 40 ACRP certified clinical research coordinators. Before using CC CTMS, QPS-MRA was using a server-based system. They were looking for a more modern web-based software to handle their 140 active trials and which could be used by their three locations simultaneously.
After reviewing other clinical research management systems, QPS-MRA chose Clinical Conductor to run their clinical trials. CC CTMS provided all the features that were critical to QPS-MRA. Since implementation, QPS-MRA has entered almost 500 studies, and CC CTMS has helped with the recruitment for new studies by allowing QPS-MRA to re-use some of the 60,000 subjects that were in their database. CC CTMS’ business development features have easily identified how many studies a certain doctor has performed with which sponsors and easily tracks study coordinator productivity to help allocate resources effectively.

According to Ricardo Aleman, Senior Specialist of Financial Accounting at QPS-MRA, “The merge patients feature allows us to keep good clean data, which was a major issue for us with our old system.” This data improvement has allowed QPS-MRA to better select appropriate trials. It has also uncovered recruitment opportunities using their database of 60,000 patients. “CC CTMS has allowed us to see trends that have empowered us to better evaluate potential studies.”

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