Prism Health Overcomes Negative CTMS Experiences with CC CTMS

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  • Decreased appointment cancellations
  • Increased study protocol and in-window visit compliance
  • Enhanced staff utilization

Prism Health North Texas

“After we saw what CC CTMS could do for every part of our trial work, the entire organization was on board.”

Lauren Rodgers
Clinical Research Manager


Although two previous CTMS deployments did not solve the challenges that Prism Health had expected they would, leadership knew they needed a trial management solution that addressed patient, staff, and data needs. Choosing CC CTMS proved an invaluable decision that linked Prism’s financial, research, and scheduling functions into a comprehensive system across the clinical research office. 

One of the more significant outcomes of the CC CTMS implementation was its effect on visit completion rates. Prism Health’s trial participant population often has challenges meeting the out-of-window visit requirements for studies. When a large volume of volunteers come late within the protocol window, it puts efficacy, sponsor payments, and overall trial results at risk. Prism Health deployed CC CTMS on two fronts to address protocol compliance. First, they aligned all patients with a customized timetable to better understand who was due to come in on which day. The Prism team then reviewed the schedule days ahead to preempt possible missed appointments with patient reminder calls, adherence supports (e.g., ride shares), and rescheduling when necessary. This approach increased visit completion rate significantly versus when the team only called a patient after the appointment was missed. 

The second element CC CTMS helped address was staff management. With a better understanding of the appointment pipeline, Prism Health could better schedule staff and facility time. This led to less staff downtime and improved quality throughout the system. “CC CTMS powered not only our operations, but also our quality plan and patient outreach work,” said Lauren Rogers, Clinical Research Manager, Prism Health North Texas. “Critical systems were connected through the triggers we set up with Bio-Optronics to ensure we could move patients and data from recruitment through every visit and into the final financial communications with sponsors.”

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