New Horizons Realizes 50% Saving in Recruitment Promotion

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CC CTMS, at both the site level and central office


Improved patient recruitment efficiencies and results


"CC CTMS allows us to track inbound calls in real time so we can understand which recruitment efforts are working, which ones aren’t, and then quickly reallocate funds and reach our goals.”

Kimberly Compton
Patient Recruitment Coordinator


Recruitment efforts are at the core of any clinical trial. Efficient recruiting results signal to sponsors and CROs that a research business is a good partner. New Horizon Clinical Research is leveraging CC CTMS to ensure their recruitment efforts, and the measurement of them that leads to process improvement is second to none.

New Horizon starts the process by ensuring all information is input into CC CTMS at the start of a new study. This includes all external recruitment efforts like broadcast advertising, direct mail, and outbound calls. The system then tracks all inbound calls to determine which efforts are the most effective. Leveraging data from past studies also helps the evaluation; the team is able to compare studies in the same therapeutic area for clues on how patient demographics affect recruitment efforts. The tracking process has enabled New Horizon to identify 50% in savings from their TV spend and reallocate those dollars to better recruitment strategies.
“We’re able to manage our database much more efficiently,” said Kimberly Compton, New Horizons’ Patient Recruitment Coordinator. “We can purge the system of lower quality leads and improve recruitment because we’re now only targeting the most likely and qualified patients for each study.”

New Horizons’ diligence in setting up each study at the offset has also led to better patient communication tracking across sites. For example, New Horizons uses the system’s texting feature for patient appointment reminders, which has improved their show-rate by more than 10%. The automated system allows the team to plan an entire site’s trial protocol so patients receive reminders and other communications easily with less staff time. Other tools like the group email capability helps New Horizons get the word out on new studies early so their qualified database of patients can take early steps to apply even before outbound calls begin. When the call team does begin their recruitment efforts, management can track call volume, scheduled appointments, and no-show by employee to better understand and roll out best practices across sites.

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