CC CTMS Empowers Real-Time Financial Tracking & Analytics for Linical Accelovance


CC CTMS, integrated at both the site level and central office


Improved financial tracking and analytics; simplified trial processes; and improved staff and patient satisfaction

“We now have clear, complete, and timely data showing us exactly how well sites and studies are performing.”


Linical Accelovance is a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) based in Rockville, MD. In addition to performing traditional CRO services, Linical Accelovance owns and operates six clinical research sites in Florida, Indiana, California, Illinois, Alabama, and Maryland. Linical Accelovance faced several challenges when it came to conducting clinical trials. First, they needed an up-to-date CTMS solution that could provide them with complete trial oversight. Second, Linical Accelovance also needed a robust, real-time financial tracking and analytics solution to replace their outdated processes. Finally, they needed a better way to distribute the 200-800 patient stipend checks more efficiently.

Clinical Conductor provides Linical Accelovance with both the detailed, real-time financial tracking and the complete trial oversight needed to successfully complete studies across six different locations. Implementation of CC CTMS with Accelovance and its six sites took several months. After making the decision to switch to CC CTMS, Accelovance was paired with a CCTrialSuite project manager who helped to set-up a deployment timeline, train users, provide support and optimize system configuration.

Through the implementation of CC CTMS, Linical Accelovance has been able to save time, reduce costs and reach its true potential. Linical Accelovance can completely manage all financial information for each site and each study. By utilizing reporting functionality such as the management, visit tracking and completion reports, Linical Accelovance can stay on top of the performance of each study and site. Additionally, the continued communication between the sites and the central office has helped to build better and stronger relationships between Accelovance and its sites.

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