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Lakewood Health System Case Study

The Problem

Lakewood Health System (LHS) currently schedules 155 staff members across their five clinic locations. Prior to Momentum, physician and nurse scheduling was done with pencil, paper and a ruler, which was then transferred to an Excel file. This manual system was ineffective and caused numerous problems at every location. Provider schedules were maintained in five or more places throughout their organization; this resulted in daily errors and inconsistencies which caused a ripple effect that directly impacted patient care.

Another issue that Lakewood Health System faced was the amount of time it took to create and distribute their staff schedules. Provider schedules would take weeks to build, and often were only available one or two months in advance. Nurse schedules would take two days to create and were available one or two weeks in advance. Changes to the provider and nurse schedules were often a daily occurrence, and simply maintaining the schedules was a full-time job.

Lakewood Health System soon realized that a new system would be necessary to cut down on the everyday mistakes their schedules. The Lakewood team required a scheduling system that was customizable and had the ability to produce actionable reports.

“Our existing process was broken and ineffective. We needed an option that would increase the reliability of the schedule, reduce mistakes, and improve on our efficiencies in the scheduling process,” said Missy Lindow, Clinic Coordinator at Lakewood Health.

Momentum Implementation

After reviewing a number of scheduling software systems, Lakewood Health System chose Momentum to schedule their 5 locations and 155 staff members. Lakewood appreciated the way that they could customize Momentum to meet each site’s unique needs, in addition to the detailed reports that come standard within the application.

The Momentum Project Management team then worked with Lakewood Health System to incorporate their rules into the application. During this time, the team at Lakewood received in-depth training on all of the features within Momentum. This training covered how to create schedules, make manual edits, approve vacation/ time-off requests, integrate into third-party calendar systems, and to access reports in real-time. The implementation process took about two months.

“The hardest part of implementation was trusting that an outside source would care about our site as much as we do,” said Lindow. The Momentum Project Management team quickly put Lindow and her team at ease with their knowledge and experience. Implementation was successful, with a quick turnaround on changes needed to keep moving the project forward.

The Benefits

Since Lakewood Health System purchased Momentum Scheduling, their processes have improved tremendously, increasing staff satisfaction and reducing the build time for their schedules. For LHS, Momentum creates 6-month schedules in less than a day. Changes to the schedule happen just as frequently as before, but Momentum allows Lakewood Health to manage those changes in an efficient way. Using Momentum eliminates errors and improves communication via automatic notifications when assignments change.

Implementation of Momentum has eliminated scheduling errors, ensured proper FTE management and improved access to care at Lakewood Health System. LHS utilizes a Clinical and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CG-CAHPS) survey that asks patients to rate their recent experiences with clinicians and staff at LHS, as well as evaluate their experiences with the care they received. In the first three months after the implementation of Momentum, the CG-CAHPS survey results indicated that access to care at LHS increased from 58% to 81%; a substantial improvement that directly resulted from better provider and staff scheduling.

Momentum has also received a positive reception with Lakewood Health employees. Director of Operations Dawn Plested said that the implementation of Momentum was, “the single most positive thing our organization has experienced in a long time.”

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