JBR Clinical Research Innovates Study Tracking with CC CTMS

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More accurate protocol adherence and staff utilization


“There are so many elements that affect outcomes for an extended stay clinical trial patient so we developed a way to track each of them along a time continuum, offering better insights into staff-patient interaction time and the resulting data for each study.”

Cody Blowers
Technology Manager


JBR Clinical Research is leveraging CC CTMS in a unique way to track outcomes specifically during phase one clinical research patient stays. Since all interventions during a stay have a potential effect on outcomes, the team needed a way to track every timed element to better manage not only causality and costs, but staff support to mitigate burnout.

Identifying that CTMS could help achieve this, the JBR team developed “time points” within their CC CTMS site system. Every element for a specific in-patient trial was given a time denotion; for instance “Check BP: 1 Hour Post Dose.” For some studies these elements number in the mid-double digits, all of which include check-ins from the staff conducting the procedure. JBR then uses the data for two distinct purposes: ensuring protocol consistency and gauging how much staff time is spent directly with patients.

It’s on this second element that JBR has uncovered learnings that affect staff efficiency and utilization, team member supports, and labor costs. Analyzing data on patient interactions clearly shows how staff is spending time and where there are opportunities to enhance utilization. In some cases it’s also unveiled that there wasn’t enough time for research teams to get necessary patient-centered work done, allowing JBR to enhance supports and even increase staffing where necessary. Leveraging data from past studies also helps evaluation; the team is able to compare studies in the same therapeutic area for clues on how to better manage labor and offer more accurate budgets to sponsors.

One reason JBR was able to envision using CC CTMS to track time points was the added value they get from Bio-Optronics training sessions. “The live and recorded sessions help me better understand the entire system and how it can better align with our study needs,” said Cody Blowers, JBR’s Technology Manager. “It’s tough for the entire team to watch all of the trainings so I make sure I do that and read the blogs so I can share that knowledge and be a resource to our staff.”

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