CCText Empowers Critical Two-Way Communications for Eurofins CRL

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  • Re-enlisted former lapsed panelists for current studies 
  • Enhanced patient experience 
  • Operational efficiency 


“CCText has allowed us to not only more easily communicate and build rapport with our trial panelists, but it has also enabled us to re-engage with potential panelists we haven’t worked with in a number of months or even years.”

Adrienne Smith
Clinical Research Lab Manager


Eurofins CRL, a highly specialized clinical testing lab focused on the evaluation of personal care, antiseptic hand sanitizers, and cosmetics had deployed the power of Clinical Conductor to track its research for a number of years. The Eurofins team decided to leverage Bio-Optronics’ newest offering, CCText, to better communicate with its trial participants. They needed an easy way for panelists to obtain clear information on appointments, study updates, and other important notices needed to fulfill the study requirements. Although Eurofins had other ways of communicating with their panelists, it was critical that the tool provide two-way communications so important updates could be sent back and forth. 

The ability to “mass text” an entire group was extremely useful for Eurofins in getting communications to both the majority of their panelists, and notably, to isolated panelists who wouldn’t have other means to receive updates on product availability or study closures. “Because we’re a small team, we needed an efficient way to update panelists on appointments, changes in the study, and even issues like inclement weather that shut down the office,” said Adrienne Smith, Clinical Research Lab Manager with Eurofins. “95% of our panelists are receiving texts which allows us to get a huge amount of information out with relatively little effort.”  

Another result of using CCText was Eurofins’ ability to re-engage lapsed panelists for current studies. Leveraging their contact lists and marketing-focused texts, a number of former panelists reached back out to the company – through their preferred means of texting — to express interest in future study participation. The ability to have ongoing, two-way communications with their key audiences has enabled optimized operations and opportunities for Eurofins. 

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