CCPay Implementation Results in Enhanced Reporting and Patient Experience

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  • 83% improvement in customer service wait time
  • Reduced costs for both the system and from reduced staff time needed to address patient issues 
  • Alignment with current CTMS leading to enhanced reporting integration

Durham Nephrology Associates

“We have heard from so many patients about their phenomenal user experience with CCPay. No other payment solution can do what they can in terms of patient service, reporting, or overall program execution.”

Sherice Dove
Research Coordinator


Durham Nephrology Associates already knew that an online payment application was the right solution for their patients. However, the system they had in place from a prominent debit provider was not fulfilling their needs and worse, was the source of increased patient complaints.  The team was spending inordinate amounts of time on resolving patient payment issues and the system’s reporting did not provide the depth they needed for internal and sponsor records. Durham Nephrology Associates, part of Frenova Research, had been using Bio-Optronics’ CC CTMS for five year so making the change to CCPay was an easy decision and one that has paid off in numerous ways for the research clinic. 

After the implementation of CCPay, the Durham Nephrology Associates team was able to manage all aspects of patient payments. They are now able to pull a full range of reports including balances for all patients, 1099 reports, current live card counts, and trial-level reports showing who is assigned to which study, if they’ve been paid, and if any payment needs to be backed out due to patient or study changes. CCPay reports are also available on a trial or time basis, allowing easy comparison to sponsor budgets in real time. “The level of reporting granularity makes a huge difference in our day-to-day work,” said Sherice Dove, Research Coordinator at Durham Nephrology Associates. “We now have access to actionable data that helps us support not only our patients, but also sponsors and internal business practices to manage payment flow and tracking.”

Another critical improvement is one felt not only by the staff at Durham Nephrology Associates but more importantly, by their patients. Customer service with the former provider was extremely challenging. Patients continually had issues with lost cards, unclear payments, and long wait times when trying to get answers directly from the provider. With CCPay those challenges have all but disappeared. While in the past patients had to call to find out account details, they can now easily see their balance online and get text alerts when payments are made or when they have a low balance.  Durham Nephrology Associates staff also has the ability to manage many of the most common patient payment card  issues, such as being able to instantly “kill” a card that was lost or stolen. While staff had often spent up to an hour with customer service at the previous patient payment card company to address an issue, since switching to CCPay no service call has taken more than 10 minutes. “CCPay’s customer service has literally changed our staff and patient experience,” said Dove. “No other company can do what they do in terms of clinical trial knowledge, card functionality or patient response quality.” 

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