Clinilabs Reduces Patient Outreach Time by 85%

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CC CTMS, Facebook Integration


  • Reduced time between first interaction and patient engagement
  • Decreased risk of data entry
  • Increased processes efficiency


“Integrating CC CTMS with Facebook means our team is able to reach out to prospective patients in near real time, allowing for conversations with engaged prospects, rather than cold leads.”

Jeanine Estrada
Vice President, Marketing & Communications


Clinilabs Drug Development Corporation, a mid-sized, full-service CRO that provides a full range of clinical drug development services, has been utilizing Facebook advertising as an essential tool for generating study participant leads with good success. In fact, Facebook recruitment has been one of Clinilabs’ fastest responding and lowest cost recruitment tools. But even with the very low cost-per-lead (CPL), Facebook data wasn’t telling a comprehensive cost story. Clinilabs, focused on providing high-quality, timely and cost-effective results for their customers, knew they were sacrificing significant efficiency and trial enrollment potential as each lead needed to be manually exported from Facebook, inputted into CC CTMS and, only then, followed up by one of the recruiters. Worse yet, sometimes it was faster to manually add each patient—a process that took upwards of five minutes per contact and was rife with data entry errors.

Clinilabs, always focused on innovation, seized the opportunity to address this challenge by piloting CC CTMS’s new Facebook integration, which enables lead information from the social media platform to automatically be entered into the CC CTMS database. Clinilabs immediately saw results as the automatic integration reduced prospect outreach time from seven days to 24 hours. “This could make a significant difference in our ability to meet trial enrollment goals, as there is a direct correlation between how quickly we can follow-up with a qualified lead and the chances that a prospect will enter a clinical trial,” said Jeanine Estrada, Clinilabs’ Vice President of Marketing & Communications.

Clinilabs also realized a reduction in data entry errors with the new integration to Facebook. The risk of human error in data entry is perhaps one of the most challenging business functions for any CRO. Before, record cleanup for Facebook leads took up to two weeks, but the integration has negated the need for that work. According to Estrada, recruitment staff satisfaction has also increased. By having actionable prospect information at their fingertips when they start their work each day, recruiters are empowered to have a more effective and efficient interaction with prospective patients, getting them through the process more easily.

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