Clinical Research Solutions Improves Communication, Transparency, and Results

Number of Trials Being Managed:

65 at 6 locations


Clinical Conductor CTMS with both Site and Enterprise functionality


Identification of overlooked funds, more efficient and transparent organization


“Now, CRS is a company with moving pieces that all work together. It has really made a huge change in our business.”

CRS Director of Legal Services


When Clinical Research Solutions was transitioning to new ownership during increased company growth, they opted to start using Clinical Conductor to help solve several communication problems. At that time, they were using ineffective Excel spreadsheets to oversee six locations and 65 trials.

One of CRS’s most pressing challenges was a lack of transparency. Employees were unaware of which studies were being worked on by whom and were never sure if their data was current and accurate. Lack of communication was another problem that plagued CRS. There were communication challenges between the sites and the corporate office, and a lack of communication between the sites themselves. CRS was using outdated versions of informed consent documents, and there was no patient database to store all the participant information.

The CRS team knew they needed a system that could patient study and financial data, and which also allowed the diverse functionality needed for multi-tiered levels of associates at several locations. Clinical Conductor Site and the Enterprise functionality was deployed as the best solution to manage and oversee the trials CRW was currently running.

The Clinical Conductor deployment team provided CRS a timeline and implementation plan which gave CRS team members the flexibility to get study data entered into the system without having to worry about other aspects of the deployment. Before introducing Clinical Conductor to CRS, only one person at CRS had all the “knowledge” when it came to their clinical trials. After implementing Clinical Conductor, all CRS employees can access their clinical trials information with just a few clicks, increasing the understanding of their overall research operations.

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