BioClinica Uncovers Operational Opportunities Using CC CTMS

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  • Increased enrollment effectiveness
  • Increased processes efficiency 
  • Increased revenue


“Trends in data show themselves quickly -- we saw opportunities for efficiency, effectiveness, and increased revenue in the first six months of utilizing our raw data within the CC CTMS system.”

Ricardo De Lemos
Manager, Global Business Operations


Having used CC CTMS as their CTMS for years, BioClinica embarked on a project to understand patterns from their bank of data to better operationalize both trials and patient recruitment. Given the vast and complex data within the system, the BioClinica team knew they needed to identify the most important elements and produce a different way to visualize that data to uncover opportunities for efficiency, increased enrollment and resulting increases in revenue.

BioClinica leveraged CC CTMS’s Data Warehouse capabilities, along with Business Intelligence (BI) technology, to compare data to identify KPI’s and develop objectives to track overtime. “There is so much complex data stored that it can be challenging to get a customized report,” said Ricardo De Lemos, Manager of BioClinica’s Global Business Operations. “Working with our partners at Bio-Optronics, we were able to identify and harness the raw data in our CC CTMS and identify where to focus our energies for improvement.”

Patterns for improved operational execution quickly emerged. For example, BioClinica was able to specifically identify why patients were being lost during screening and add those parameters to pre-screens to optimize the initial pool of prospective trial participants. They were also able to clearly visualize data related to trial selection and conversion. Understanding which trials had better patient interest and completion has enabled BioClinica to prioritize for which trials they apply, hence increasing their trial win rate and ROI.

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