Accel Clinical Services Increased Recruitment Calls Per Day by 20%

Number of Trials Being Managed:

Approximately 100


CC CTMS, integrated at three separate locations


20% increase in calls per day; reduction of time spent performing tasks; easily generated reports and tracking of study progress

“Since implementing CC CTMS, my recruitment staff has been able to make more calls each day; more calls mean more patients, and more patients mean more funding for our sites.”

Kimberly Martuano
Manager of Patient Recruitment and Marketing


Accel Clinical Services is a network of three clinical trial sites based in Florida and Alabama. Between their three locations, they conduct studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas and conduct approximately 100 studies concurrently. The first and most critical problem faced by Accel was the lack of automation provided by their previous CTMS system. Recruiters at Accel were required to print their call lists, manually dial the phone numbers and then log the result of the call in their CTMS system. In addition, the lack of database filtering tools available meant creating call lists or retrieving demographic information from the patient database was nearly impossible.

Accel Clinical Services chose CC CTMS due to the recruitment functionality they needed and the level of support they receive once the implementation is complete. The transition from their previous CTMS system to Clinical Conductor CTMS took less than 24 hours. This eliminated downtime and ensured that Accel could begin working the next day.

Since implementing Clinical Conductor CTMS, Accel Clinical Services saw tremendous improvement in both their subject recruitment and their overall study management. Clinical Conductor has allowed them to be more efficient, save money and resources, and has given administrators and managers the ability to easily generate reports, manipulate data, track the progress of their studies, and monitor staff activities. Accel recruiters saved even more time by implementing a VOIP system which allowed staff in the call center to call patients from directly within the Clinical Conductor CTMS application. Finally, Clinical Conductor has helped Accel reduce the amount of time it takes to perform tasks, save resources and allow for proactive business development.

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