Wake Up from the Nightmare: Nine Steps to Reaching Physician and Staff Schedule Success

Generating a complete schedule for a hospital department or specialty practice can be a highly complex process that can take weeks to complete successfully. Unfortunately, many organizations face this problem on a daily basis, with no relief in sight. However, there are finally solutions that give scheduling administrators all of the tools needed to build […]


Taking Control of Project Management by Using a CTMS Application

What is Project Management? Project management is the process of organizing and controlling an organization’s clinical trial resources throughout the duration of a trial. Maintaining tight control of these resources is essential in ensuring the trial is completed on time, on budget and with quality and accuracy. Failure to properly manage clinical trials could result […]


Using a CTMS to Monitor Your Trial Risk

A recent article in Applied Clinical Trials magazine made some interesting points regarding the clinical trial industry and its slow adoption of new technology. Compared to many industries, the clinical industry is more reluctant to embrace new technology available in the marketplace. Interestingly enough, this slow adoption rate is less about comfort in old technology […]


12 Things to Keep In Mind When Looking to Upgrade Your CTMS

There are many companies out there offering their version of a clinical trial management system (CTMS), but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. While many CTMS companies on the market claim to have all of the features and functionality that is required to successfully track and manage a clinical trial, most do not. What […]