But…Where Do I Go? 3 Ways to Make Sure Staff are in the Right Place

Healthcare is a dynamic industry, things change on a minute-by-minute basis; staff and physician schedules are not immune from the continual change. Constant change to the physician and staff schedule poses a number of different concerns for healthcare organizations; however, the most common issue is staff or physicians not being in the right place at […]


The Consequences of Improper Scheduling

For healthcare organizations, the benefits of proper physician and staff scheduling are frequently highlighted. What people fail to discuss in-depth are the problems organizations face when they build schedules incorrectly. Despite the existence of automated scheduling applications specifically designed for healthcare organizations, many organizations continue to take great risks by using outdated scheduling methods. Below […]


Predictive Analytics: Helping You Reach True Clinical & Business Success

In clinical research, it’s essential to know where you’re going. It’s equally as important to know where you are, as well as where you’ve been. Knowing all of these factors gives research organizations the necessary insights they need to evolve into an even more successful business. The problem is, knowing all of this information is […]


The “Shallow Lake Theory” of CTMS

Imagine a beautiful lake, the sunlight shimmering off of the water’s surface on a beautiful summer morning. The possibilities seem endless; boating, fishing and swimming all seem like great activities; however, things might not be as wonderful as it may seem. As you get into the water you realize something terrible…the water is only as […]


Building Quality into Your Clinical Trials

Written by Lorraine Ellis, CEO and Founder of Research Dynamics, a Rochester, NY based contract research organization (CRO). Although clinical research according to GCP requirements has been conducted for decades, there is still much variability in the conduct of research at sites and in the quality of monitoring by the Sponsors. How do we build and […]