CTMS Technology Alleviates Pain of Increasingly Complex Trials

The analysis of patterns in Clinical Trials has indicated that studies are becoming increasingly complex. Overtime, more and more procedures are included in protocols, and these procedures are increasingly complex. Frequently, amendments are added to protocols, further complicating the implementation of the desired protocol. In addition, adaptive trials are predicted to gain traction in the […]


Can Your CTMS Grow With You?

As an organization conducting or managing clinical trials, expanding to generate more business is always a primary objective. This expansion can come in a variety of forms, including the addition of extra staff, studies or locations, as well as, new therapies or technologies. When selecting a CTMS it is critical to keep these items in […]


Why You Can’t Excel with MS Excel… Part 2

In “Why You Can’t Excel with MS Excel… Part 1”, we went over several crucial reasons why MS Excel isn’t the optimal program for healthcare organizations to schedule physicians and staff. Rule-based scheduling gives you the proper tools to effectively manage the three R’s of scheduling, rules, requests and reports, but there are additional ways […]


Does Your CTMS Provide Effective Support? It Should...

There are a variety of CTMS applications on the marketplace today, and organizations sometimes have a hard time selecting the system that will work the best for them. If you are having a hard time differentiating based upon features alone, one key item to consider is customer support. Understanding the level of support your CTMS […]


Why You Can’t Excel with MS Excel… Part 1

Every organization uses Microsoft Excel. Many of them use the application in a variety of ways. One very popular way healthcare organizations use Microsoft Excel is to schedule their physicians and staff. Excel’s many tools and features, though appealing, are not set up to allow healthcare organizations to quickly and effectively build proper physician and […]