The Globalization of Clinical Trials

Economic globalization has become increasingly prevalent over the past few decades, and the clinical research industry is no exception. Since 2002, the number of active FDA regulated investigators based outside of the US has grown by 15% annually; compare this to the decrease of 5.5% amongst U.S. based investigators. Even though globalization in the clinical […]


The Paperless Research Site

Last week, Clinical Conductor CTMS hosted a webinar with Rick Arlow, CEO of Complion to discuss best practices for regulatory and document management. He discussed the issues with maintaining paper documentation and how using a document management system can aid research sites in their regulatory management process. The webinar began by discussing the problems with […]


Editing Budgets for Better Billing Compliance

Last month, Clinical Conductor CTMS hosted a webinar with Amanda Miller and Jill Surfus of PFS Clinical to discuss how to edit budgets for better billing compliance. They discussed the basics of billing compliance, budget overviews, common issues in sponsor budgets and document sync. The webinar started by going over research billing and compliance basics, […]


The Financial Impact of Scheduling Decisions on Your Organization

The largest expense of any organization is the cost of staffing, especially when trying to schedule multiple departments or clinics. This is particularly frustrating for the hospitals and other medical organizations trying to keep costs down and improve employee satisfaction. For those who are frustrated and looking for ways to spend their money efficiently, an […]


What's New in Research Billing for 2017

Last month, Clinical Conductor CTMS hosted a webinar with Kelly Willenberg of Kelly Willenberg and Associates, to discuss what’s new for research billing in 2017. She discussed the updates to research billing regulations, went through new best practices in billing compliance, and taught listeners how to leverage tools and technology to minimize risk exposure. As […]