3 Ways Excel Is Costing Your Radiology Practice

Excel may seem like a quick and simple way to schedule your providers, techs, and nurses; unfortunately, this outdated method is error prone and can lead to extra costs that your organization must absorb. Scheduling your resources optimally is important to save your organization time and money. Time Administrators or doctors can spend hours per […]


So You’ve Heard of ALOCA…but What Does it Really Mean?

To run a successful clinical research organization, data integrity needs to be an essential part of any clinical trial. While maintaining GCP, clinical research sites also need to be sure that their source data follows FDA guidelines and standards for record keeping. Whether its electronic or paper source documentation, standards require that research sites follow […]


Understanding E-Source in Clinical Trials: What You Need to Know

Within the clinical research community, “e-source” is a term that’s receiving quite a lot of buzz – and for good reason. In an age when 21 CFR Part 11 compliance is more important than ever, organizations are clamoring to acquire electronic source data capture solutions and vendors are increasingly adding it to their list of […]


Creating a Culture of Physician Wellness

Provider burnout is a growing epidemic in our country. Physicians work in high stress situations every day, but with the demand to see more patients growing, they rarely have time to slow down and reflect. With high patient quotas and administrative demands, the work-life balance tips more towards work and less towards life. These long […]


3 Reasons Why eRegulatory and a CTMS Are a Match Made in Heaven

Having an eRegulatory and document management solution, as well as a clinical trial management system are two crucial parts of the clinical research industry. Both provide research sites with simplified and comprehensive solutions for their document and trial management difficulties. However, sites are inundated with a growing number of technologies that rarely interact with each […]