Deploy a CTMS: What You Need to Do

So you want to purchase a large software solution – that’s great! Do you have requirements?  Of course you do, but can you convey them to the vendor in a clear, concise fashion without ambiguity? Probably not. In this short article, you will receive some guidance to help you and your vendor bridge this requirement […]


Staff Scheduling Application Requirements: A Good UX

Does a complicated, messy staff scheduling application work just as well as one that is clean and intuitive? You’d be surprised to know that the answer doesn’t matter! If the staff scheduling system you use is complicated and messy, you are already at a disadvantage that is costing you valuable time and money. Here is […]


Rethink Resident and Provider Scheduling

Scheduling for your permanent providers at your organization (physicians and staff) is difficult enough on its own. For many organizations, difficulties are compounded with the addition of residents, who are often scheduled on their own system completely separate from other scheduling systems. This makes it difficult to find the right balance of residents and permanent […]


Tackle Patient Retention Success with Text Messaging

Staying connected with patients is critical to the success of any study, and without them, studies would ceases to exist. For this reason, it is critical for research organizations of all sizes to effectively communicate with each patient that is enrolled in a study. One way to ensure regular, clear and effective communication with patients […]


Successful Study Enrollment: Common Pitfalls

Study Enrollment performance is a great tool to gauge the success of a trial early on. Recruitment issues may prompt additional difficulties later, so it’s important to know that you are recruiting trial patients to the best of your ability. If you are noticing that your recruitment could be better, or that it has been […]