eRegulatory 101: Exploring New Efficiencies for Clinical Research Sites

Clinical research nurses and regulatory coordinators provide a tremendous amount of value to the clinical trial process. They are on the front lines — recruiting, consenting, training, and often ensuring regulatory files are complete, accurate, and accessible. An Investigator could not possibly perform all of the work required. If it weren’t for them, clinical trials […]


From Compliance to Conducting Clinical Research, Health Care Organizations Can Do It All – With the Help of CTMS

In the world of clinical research, compliance rules and regulations are not only continually emerging, but pre-existing standards are wont to transform. Healthcare organizations managing multiple clinical research trials know firsthand the challenges of maintaining compliance. Even the most agile of research teams find it difficult to acknowledge and maintain regulations while ensuring the rest […]


CROs Are Busy … How CTMS Software Ensures Effective Multi-Site Studies

Multi-site studies offer numerous benefits and significant challenges for CROs. By choosing to use several locations for a single study, Contract Research Organizations can enlarge their participant pool and the number of industry leaders with whom they can collaborate, while also reducing the time required to complete the study. Unfortunately, this approach can increase problems […]


3 Qualities of a High-Performing Research Site

Innovations in the medical field are advancing at a consistent and rapid pace. As more medical treatments and therapies emerge, clinical research sites are playing a crucial role in helping patients get the treatments they need. While the need for research sites are high, clinicians face a number of challenges existing in such a highly […]


Why European CROs Need a CTMS

Clinical trials are an essential part of a CROs existence, but they can also be the most expensive. CROs, especially in Europe, need tools that increase efficiency, productivity, and performance, as well as the ability to effortless communication between their sites and CROs. Utilizing a clinical trial management system gives CROs the functionality they need […]