The Research Compliance Maze - Play It Safe

Last month, the Clinical Conductor Webinar Series discussed research compliance and the ways research organizations can navigate through the process. Kelly Willenberg, founder of Kelly Willenberg and Associates, started the webinar with a review of how clinical research sites handle research compliance comprehensively. Willenberg went over the number of risks that could potentially come up […]


How BI Can Help Turn Raw Data into Actionable, Profitable Change

Clinical research software has immensely improved the quality and efficiency of clinical trials in healthcare organizations. These solutions also generate enormous amounts of raw data with the potential to unlock key insights on the financial state of your healthcare organization. But for many clinical research business leaders, raw data isn’t enough. Like the most cruciferous […]


Guiding Your Research Organization with Business Intelligence

Do you think that a clinical research organization is a business? That might seem like a trick question, but most clinical research organizations don’t see themselves that way. The main reason a site doesn’t think like a business is a general perception that “research” isn’t a business. Research is a process that sites conduct to […]


3 Ways Excel Is Costing Your Radiology Practice

Excel may seem like a quick and simple way to schedule your providers, techs, and nurses; unfortunately, this outdated method is error prone and can lead to extra costs that your organization must absorb. Scheduling your resources optimally is important to save your organization time and money. Time Administrators or doctors can spend hours per […]


So You’ve Heard of ALOCA…but What Does it Really Mean?

To run a successful clinical research organization, data integrity needs to be an essential part of any clinical trial. While maintaining GCP, clinical research sites also need to be sure that their source data follows FDA guidelines and standards for record keeping. Whether its electronic or paper source documentation, standards require that research sites follow […]