How to Develop a Strategic Plan for Your Site

Vision and mission statements allow an organization to dream of what its future could be—and inspire people to take action. You probably are aware that hospitals or health systems have these types of statements, but has your research site (or its parent company) outlined its own vision and mission? And what’s your team’s role in […]


The Cost of Time: How Poor Scheduling is Impacting Your Healthcare Organization’s Bottom Line

For many healthcare administrators, staff scheduling often feels like another necessary part of the job. When creating staff schedules, it’s written off as a secondary activity. But this is often a costly error for healthcare organizations and can lead to a number of negative outcomes. Organizations who treat scheduling as just another “to-do” are running […]


Best Practices for Implementing eSignature Technology

Electronic signatures can reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies and strengthen research sites’ security. Yet as of 2016, more than two-thirds of sites haven’t adopted this technology. Why? Old habits can be hard to break, but these sites may also worry about eSignatures affecting their staff and processes—and their relationships with sponsors or CROs as a […]


3 Ways to Improve Screen Failure Reconciliation

Standardized screen failure data is hard to find; results across different types of studies are rarely published. One review of clinical trials for genitourinary cancer placed the mean screen failure rate at approximately 20 to 30 percent; other studies for Alzheimer’s posted rates of 70 to 80 percent. Even rates on the lower end of […]


Watch the Success of Your Research Site Flourish (and Reach More Sponsors)

Every day, clinical research organizations (CROs) do work that helps to create a healthier and more empowered global health landscape. In order to do so, sites need to continually attract the right sponsors and patients to win more studies. But in today’s competitive landscape, producing compelling results is not enough. In order to win more […]