Biopoint Treatment Scheduler

Continuity of patient medical records to maintain the latest documentation.

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Biopoint Treatment Scheduler

Designed to maximize resource utilization the Biopoint Treatment Scheduler ensures that each of your OR rooms, treatment rooms, or other resources are filled to capacity.

Biopoint Treatment Scheduler

Why Biopoint Treatment Scheduler?

Block Time Management

  • Manage provider and group block time
  • Manage provider release time
  • Account for resource and room turn-over times
  • Maximize provider block time utilization

Patient Schedule Management

  • Easy approval process for block time requests
  • Increase patient throughput and number of daily cases
  • FIPS 140-2 complaint calendars


  • Import CPRS Consult information
  • Complete CPRS Consults from Biopoint Treatment Scheduler


  • Track room, chair, or other resource utilization
  • Track provider block time usage vs. available
  • Other reports as defined by the facility

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