The only VistA integrated surgery management solution backed by superior support and services that accommodate the unique needs of your facility. Surgery Manager is backed by a team of experts who align the scheduling and tracking configurations to fit your workflows and are always available to assist when you need them.

Services / Deployment

Analyze and Plan

The Biopoint Surgery Manager support team starts the implementation process by analyzing your current workflows and processes. We work with you to develop a custom deployment plan with a set timeline with milestones, as well as provide a dedicated team of experts to ensure a successful software deployment.


The Biopoint Surgery Manager support team will kick off your Surgery Manager deployment with an introductory meeting to outline and understand your organizational goals. During the implementation process, the support team will:

  • Work to configure Surgery Manager to align with workflows
  • Create relevant documentation
  • Establish project scope

Momentum Staff Scheduling Self Scheduling


The Biopoint Surgery Manager support team delivers timely and effective training to all staff members at your facility, providing your team with comprehensive knowledge on how to use Surgery Manager efficiently and correctly. Our support team will:

  • Provide detailed, role-based user training
  • Offer up to date, in-depth written training
  • Run a rapid response support desk
  • Implement regular software releases


Post-deployment, the Biopoint Surgery Manager support team provides ongoing and release related support. With optional on-site training and a project manager accessible at all times, our Surgery Manager team is dedicated to providing your facility with the resources to be successful.

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