Biopoint Surgery Manager

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Designed to maximize resource utilization and throughput while reducing pre-op wait times, the Surgery Manager ensures patient access to on-time surgical care through scheduling and tracking tools for OR rooms, recovery rooms, and other resources to be utilized on time and with maximum efficiency. This includes advanced dashboards and reporting tools for complete decision analysis.

Surgery Manager Procedure Tracking

Procedure Tracking

Clear insights into the status of each procedure in your department or facility to allow for more patients to move through the process.

  • Clear visibility to each patients’ progression through the procedure process
  • Rearrange cases on-the-fly to maximize utilization
  • Interfaces with VistA (or any other EHR) to pull all necessary information for procedure tracking

Time Management

Provider Block Time Management

Ensure maximum resource utilization.

  • Manage provider and group block time
  • Manage provider release time
  • Account for resource and room turn-over times
  • Maximize provider block time utilization

Improved Patient Engagement

Patient Tracking

Seamlessly track the status of each patient’s visit to reduce wait times.

  • Seamlessly track information related to each patient’s visit in real-time
  • Track patients in every department, including the OR
  • Determine root causes of any delays and easily correct
  • Monitor each patient’s progress

Accurate Schedules

Patient Schedule Management

Ensure you see all the patients needed to achieve national and VISN goals.

  • Easy approval process for block time requests
  • Increase patient throughput and number of daily cases
  • FIPS 140-2 complaint calendars



Has the necessary integrations to minimize duplicate entry, speeding up the care process and reducing the chance for human error.

  • Import CPRS Consult information
  • Complete CPRS Consults from Biopoint Treatment Scheduler

Analyze Plan

Analysis & Reports

Root out sources of delay or confusion and correct to further improve facility or department processes.

  • Identify negative impacts on patient procedure flows
  • Track provider block time usage vs. availability metrics
  • Reduce patient wait times with historical data insight
  • Other resource utilization reports as defined by the facility

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