Biopoint Surgery Manager

Ensuring surgical services throughput, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

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Biopoint Surgery Manager

Need to streamline surgical processes from patient arrival through discharge, and every point in-between? Leveraging the power of the Biopoint Surgery Manager application, surgical teams can:

  • Start more surgeries on time while reducing wait times
  • Optimize schedules and resource utilization
  • Increase patient throughput while maintaining quality

This indispensable tool from Bio-Optronics benefits more than just the surgery teams. The precision timing, real-time tracking, and oversight of resource allocation also provides veterans with faster care, and a better overall experience.

Biopoint Surgery Manager

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The Biopoint Surgery Manager is designed to improved access, reduced wait times and increased the timeliness of care for surgical facilities.

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We want our software to fit your EHR environment and adapt to the way you work! Currently integrated with VistA, Surgery Manager is not only configurable to your operational needs, it also interfaces with a variety of Health Information Management Systems to provide your organization with seamless connection between those services and our surgical workflow optimization software.

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Surgery Manager is backed by our dedicated support and development teams, providing you with the information and assistance you need to use our surgery workflow management software to its fullest potential.

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