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Emergency Department Module Add-On

Make ED chaos a thing of the past, and create and safer for your patients with the add-on Emergency Department module.

  • Automatically print wristbands in your ED or urgent care facility once the patient is checked-in
  • Avoid duplicate data entry in your patient database
  • Streamline the patient admission process

Surgery Department Module Add-On

Sync your Biopoint Patient ID functionality to your operating room with this add-on module.

  • Automatically extract procedure information from the VistA Surgery Package, including anatomical location and procedure, and print it directly onto the patient wristband
  • Enable compliance with VA and facility directives, including VA Directive 1039

Patient Check-In Kiosk Module Add-On

Enable the automatic printing of patient wristbands once the patient has successfully completed the kiosk check-in.

  • Automatically print patient wristbands as patients successfully completed the kiosk check-in
  • Streamline the patient self-check-in process
  • Supports VA and facility initiatives and improves patient satisfaction and resource utilization

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