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Configurable Media Designs

Configurable Media Designs

Media designs configured specifically for every need of your facility or hospital.

  • Facility specific wristband, label and visitor badge designs
  • Combine full color patient photos, clinical warnings, and barcodes on a single design
  • Conform to AHA and other hospital or facility color standards
  • Incorporate facility logos directly onto wristbands, labels, and visitor badges


Clinical Warnings

Each patient has different clinical warnings. Biopoint allows for the creation of a library of facility specific clinical warnings that can be printed directly on patient wristbands.

  • Facility specific clinical warnings for printing on patient wristbands or labels (DNR, Allergy, Fall Risk, Dysphasia, Etc.)
  • Eliminate the need for multiple wristbands or indicators



Software that works with the systems you already use!

  • Integrate with your existing HIS, including VistA, Siemens, MediTech, Cerner and many more
  • Integrate with the Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC) patient photo repository or other image database

Color Patient Photos

Color Patient Photos

Quickly identify and match patients for clinical care and procedure tracking.

  • Adds an additional level of patient safety by providing another identifier
  • Use photos for the generation of customized visitor ID badges that are linked to a patient for added security


Have instant access to essential information you need to ensure the highest levels of patient care and safety.

  • Unprecedented filtering abilities
  • Quick wristband, label and visitor badge preview and printing functionality
  • Filter for patients on a wide variety of characteristics

Printers & Media

No requirement to buy expensive printers or media.

  • Compatible with all Windows printers (HP, Epson, Zebra, Etc.)
  • Works with standard desktop printers and wristband/label printers,
  • Configurable for any type of wristband, label, or ID card media
  • Print for multiple patients simultaneously


Keep tabs on your facility media usage, print frequency, and who is printing.

  • Full audit trail
  • Print history

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