Bio-Optronics is a leading healthcare information technology company, focusing specifically on workflow optimization.

Who We Are

Bio-Optronics is a leading healthcare information technology company, focusing specifically on workflow optimization. Our mission is to develop and deploy software products and services to help healthcare professionals enhance quality, productivity, patient and staff satisfaction. Since 1985, Bio-Optronics has created unique and innovative software solutions for hospitals and hospital networks, medical practices, imaging centers, and all participants in the clinical trial enterprise.

Our dedicated software development and customer service teams have developed and deployed software solutions that not only meet industry needs, but also set the standard for innovative healthcare solutions. Collectively the Bio-Optronics team has over a century of experience working in healthcare devices, services, clinical trials and information technology. Our deep workflow knowledge comes from our experience in manufacturing, Six Sigma, and extensive interaction with healthcare professionals.

Our Advantage

Bio-Optronics prides itself on listening to customers and continually delivering products and enhancements that meet our customers’ needs and help improve efficiency, quality, patient safety, staff satisfaction and financial performance.

Healthcare Experience

  • Team background totals a century in medical imaging, clinical research, healthcare IT, practice management systems, services, regulatory affairs and six sigma

Operational Capability

  • Web-based, client-server and site-hosted
  • Reliable and seamless installations
  • World class, secure, high-uptime hosting services

Customer Care

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Comprehensive training
  • Compassionate, expert services team

Engineering Capability

  • Reusable, object oriented design
  • HL7/IHE/DICOM/CDISC know-how
  • HIS/PMS/EMR/EDC/VistA integration experience
  • Custom & standard solutions
  • State-of-the-art software engineering

Workflow Expertise

  • 30 years of experience in manufacturing, public service and healthcare workflow
  • Multi-tier rules-based logic
  • Resource allocation
  • Real-time tracking and exception management
  • Self-Service portals for staff, patients, partners

Leadership Team


The Senior Leadership team at Bio-Optronics is a tight knit, multicultural group of individuals, each with an average of over 25 years of industry experience.

Laku Adedoyin, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering joined Bio-Optronics in 2018

Lynn Sicke, Vice President, Human Resources started her role in 2019.

Matt Bryant, Chief Financial Officer came into his role in 2018.

CEO Dan Kerpelman joined Bio-Optronics in 2008.

Maria Durkin, Vice President, Services joined Bio-Optronics in 2008.

Max Elbaz, Vice President, Sales and Marketing joined the organization in 2016.

Their combined experience in technology and multinational business management provide Bio-Optronics with the leadership necessary to fuel rapid growth in the healthcare industry. With previous executive experience at companies such as SGS, GE Healthcare, Kodak Health Imaging, Medrio, Johnson and Johnson, and Caresteam Health, the leadership team brings a variety of relevant skills and knowledge to Bio-Optronics. The Bio-Optronics executive team members also serve on multiple boards at academic medical centers, med-tech and service companies, such as the University of Rochester Medical Center.

The team is bound by its common values of integrity, teamwork, innovation, customer care and career development for the company’s employees.


Our Values



We stick together! We pride ourselves on our unique team approach to interacting with our customers of all sizes to provide the best services and support for customers worldwide. This unique form of collaboration is what makes our company stand above the rest, and positions us as a partner, not just a vendor.

Customer Care

Our customers are our number one priority. Bio-Optronics provides our customers with the best possible software solutions for their organizations; by meeting our customers’ needs with comprehensive solutions, we can better understand their problems and start the process towards full-fledged solutions.


Our dedicated team members are constantly challenging themselves to work harder to provide the best services and support to our customers. This passion applies to everything our employees do on a daily basis, and creates a team that is always looking for the best way to solve problems for our customers.

Patient Care

All three of our products focus on one central idea: patient care should be the most important focus of any healthcare organization. By providing software solutions with that goal in mind, Bio-Optronics provides organizations with the tools they need to ultimately deliver the best care for their patients.

Community Service

Bio-Optronics keeps at its core its mission to participate in community service programs both locally and globally. We are proud to contribute and volunteer with these important public service organizations.