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The only Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) that cuts out the complexity in clinical trial software with tools designed to work for clinical trials.

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Clinical Conductor CTMS Recruitment

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Momentum Physician Scheduling Software

Fast, automated, and accurate medical staff and physician scheduling software for healthcare organizations and specialties of all sizes.

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planifier automatiquement et efficacement le personnel

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An advanced software suite designed to improve patient safety and increase quality of care for VA and surgical facilities.

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Bio-Optronics provides healthcare organizations with innovative software solutions designed to enhance clinical trials, healthcare scheduling, and patient safety with a user-focused approach to healthcare technology.

With software backed by dedicated support and development teams, we use our expertise in the clinical research and medical scheduling fields to provide our customers with powerful and intuitive medical practice management software. By cultivating strong relationships with our customers, we enhance our products based on the feedback of our customers.


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Clinical Conductor has been an immensely helpful tool in our office. It has improved efficiency, kept our daily tasks organized and has enhanced our time management. Clinical Conductor is intuitive and a breeze to use.- Michael Massaro Research Assistant, Pediatric Research of Charlottesville



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Patient recruitment and retention are two of the most important elements of successful clinical trials. Increasing results in these areas is a constant goal for almost any research business and understanding the best ways to achieve them are critical for success. Clinical trial teams have…