Making physician and staff scheduling simple, fast and accurate for single space and multi-location healthcare organizations.



Every request for vacation, time-off and everything else from everyone, integrated into every schedule.

  • Eliminate time wasted on manually managing requests
  • Simple submission and approvals of requests
  • Create specific time-off rules and block dates where requests cannot be made
  • Requests are automatically built into every schedule


All of the complex policies of your schedule are simplified and never overlooked in Momentum!

  • Completely configure the rules and policies of your schedule
  • The only scheduling application with true role-compatibility functionality
  • Build the most accurate schedules in minutes with just one click


The only scheduling application that understands exactly what roles are compatible together.

  • Determine which roles are compatible via compatibility matrix
  • Drastically reduce deployment time
  • Produce the most accurate schedules
  • Avoid unnecessary scheduling conflicts due to role incompatibility


Automated scheduling that understands a human element is still essential.

  • Admin functionality to manually override schedules
  • “What if” notifications for all manual edits
  • Automatic alerts for potential errors
  • Quickly and easily make necessary changes as you need them

Conflict Detection

Functionality that eliminates errors and ensures your schedule is fully covered.

  • Tools that send automatic alerts if a conflict arises
  • Test every request for scheduling conflicts
  • Eliminate wasted time checking for scheduling errors
  • Automatically build error free schedules in minutes


Keep staff and administrators up-to-date on all of the latest scheduling information.

  • Administrators receive automatic alerts for new requests
  • Staff receive request approvals in real time
  • Keep all of your staff using the most recent schedule

Calendar Integration

Leading-edge scheduling that syncs directly with your personal calendars – always keeping you in-the-know.

  • Sync with iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook
  • Automatically push a new schedule to staff calendars
  • Never worry about staff using outdated schedules


See the information you need without the stuff you don’t.

  • Optimize ease-of-use with custom views and filters
  • Set specific views for individual staff with different roles
  • Minimize confusion and increase staff satisfaction
  • Quickly see what you need to maximize your productivity


Add-on functionality that provides the most granular time tracking.

  • Track down to the minute and compare time worked to time scheduled
  • Easily incorporate punch-in and punch-out functionality
  • Track and monitor even the most complex clocking requirements
  • Check in and out with the online clocking functionality
  • Interface with your RFID or fingerprint time clock functionality


A more efficient way to manage contractual obligations with your staff!

  • Improve tracking of vacation hours used by staff
  • Enhance configurability for work/time-off management
  • Increase compliance with regulations related to work/time-off hours and allowance


Not just for scheduling – use Momentum for the most advanced reports on your schedules and your staff!

  • Track and monitor scheduling equity
  • Track remaining time off and vacation for staff
  • Easily maintain hours compliance
  • Gain continuous feedback that makes your organization more efficient


Keep important schedule or assignment information and notes directly in view for fast and easy review.

  • Create day and assignment specific notes
  • Prioritize notes by levels of importance
  • Attach notes directly to time-off requests
  • Keep notes private or make them public