The only CTMS designed to accommodate the unique needs of your organization. Revolutionize the way you conduct your clinical research.



The accurate financial functionality in Clinical Conductor CTMS lets you keep track of the financial health of your organization, whether you are a single research site, CRO or health system. With Clinical Conductor software, you can:

  • Set and track budgets and payments
  • Ensure billing compliance for single and multi-arm studies
  • Leverage unparalleled financial granularity
  • Easily set multiple budgets for the same study

Study Setup

Setting up a study in Clinical Conductor has never been easier! No matter the number of sites or how complicated the protocol, you can quickly set up everything you need for your clinical trials in this CTMS.

  • Set up study protocols and visits with Study. Set. Go!
  • Quickly add and share protocol amendments
  • Easily distribute protocols to your study partners
  • Setup and manage dynamic and adaptive protocols


Find patients for all of your trials using Clinical Conductor! No matter how difficult the recruitment goals, find the right participants for your study when you need them.

  • Sync and search your patient database for patients
  • Track campaign effectiveness and increase your ROI
  • Utilize CTMS web recruitment
  • Analyze your patient database to determine trial feasibility

Participant Management

Use Clinical Conductor to streamline access to essential patient information and create a visit management process that maximizes patient satisfaction.

  • Track trial visits and resources and check patients in and out for visits in real time
  • Schedule patient visits within a required window
  • Store patient details in your CTMS database
  • Quickly pay patients with hassle-free debit payment systems


Create and run detailed reports in real time and check on the status of your trials and your business with the click of a mouse, all within Clinical Conductor CTMS.

  • Level 3 and 4 NCI reporting
  • Your data analyzed into actionable information
  • Hundreds of available reports on every feature
  • Aggregate and analyze data from multiple locations and studies

Document Management

Secure your study documents in one place by using Clinical Conductor to create, store and share your important trial forms.

  • Easily upload and store essential trial documents
  • Maintain GCP and transparency with collaborating partners
  • Share documents and collaborate with partners
  • Link all important documents to specific trials


Get the most monitoring management, best query functionality and avoid wasted visits.

  • Select your monitors and track their activity
  • Conduct thorough monitoring QA
  • Schedule visits at the right time and view reports
  • Easily manage AEs and protocol deviations

Site Selection

Successful trials require the right sites to execute them. Use Clinical Conductor software to select the best sites for your studies.

  • Search for sites using a number of filters
  • Use past history to select the best partner sites
  • Build the best team that will deliver quality and profitability