The only CTMS designed to accommodate the unique needs of your organization. Revolutionize the way you conduct your clinical research.




Financial functionality with industry-leading accuracy. Keep your costs and payments in check with Clinical Conductor.

  • Easily set up and track budgets and payments
  • Ensure billing compliance for single and multi-arm studies
  • Unparalleled financial granularity
  • The only CTMS that can easily set multiple budgets for the same study


Simple study setup for one site or many!

  • Set up study protocols and visits
  • Quickly add and share protocol amendments
  • Easily distribute protocols to your study partners
  • Setup and manage dynamic and adaptive protocols


Find the right people for your trials, as fast as possible, for the lowest possible cost.

  • Sync and search your patient database for patients
  • Track campaign effectiveness and increase your ROI
  • Utilize CTMS web recruitment
  • Analyze your patient database to determine trial feasibility


Provide your patients the best trial experience and ensure they come back in the future.

  • Track trial visits and resources and check patients in and out for visits in real time
  • Schedule patient visits within a required window
  • Store patient details in your CTMS database
  • Quickly pay patients with the hassle-free Greenphire ClinCard

Project MGMT

Multiple studies? Multiple locations? One CTMS.

  • Unprecedented trial collaboration tools
  • Set, track and completely configure study milestones
  • Stay updated on milestones for recruitment, visits, deadlines, documents and more!
  • The only project management tools designed for clinical research


The only CTMS that truly allows you to collaborate with your partners.

  • Partner portals for a variety of organizations
  • Exchange essential information with non-CTMS partners
  • Avoid errors and delays with real-time communication


Safe, secure and sharable study documents right at your fingertips.

  • Easily upload and store essential trial documents
  • Maintain GCP and transparency with collaborating partners
  • Share documents and collaborate with partners
  • Link all essential documents to specific trials


Get the most monitoring management, best query functionality and avoid wasted visits.

  • Select your monitors and track their activity
  • Conduct thorough monitoring QA
  • Schedule visits and the right time and view reports
  • Easily manage AEs and protocol deviations

Site Selection

Right sites are the first step of a successful trial. Pick them the first time!

  • Search for sites by a variety of features
  • Use past history to select the best partner sites
  • Integration makes selection even easier
  • Build the best team that will deliver quality and profitability


The full picture of where each trial stands, all in real time.

  • Level 3 and 4 NCI reporting
  • Your data analyzed into actionable information
  • Hundreds of available reports on every feature
  • Aggregate and analyze data from multiple locations and studies on one report


Unify all of your research technologies and build the complete picture of your business with Clinical Conductor.

  • Bring your partners together through direct integration or partner portals
  • Thourough integration to any EMR via HL7 technology
  • Seamlessly integrate or interface with EDC, IVRS, IRB and more
  • Access info from your biospecimen tracking software in Clinical Conductor


Take the complexity and worry out of your oncology studies and get on to running even more successful studies.

  • Effortless level 3 and 4 NCI reporting
  • Unique multi-arm cost allocation grids
  • Adaptive and dynamic protocols
  • Unparalleled oncology billing compliance


Take your patient and provider communication to the next level with SMS messaging communication with Clinical Conductor!

  • Send patient messages directly to mobile devices
  • Give out visit reminders and eliminate missed visits
  • Simplify and speed up your pre-screening process
  • Easily communicate with other study providers and partners