2017 Site Solutions Summit: Exciting Highlights & Insights

The 2017 Site Solutions Summit, held in Boca Raton, FL, brought over 900 clinical research professionals from around the world together to discuss the latest trends in clinical trials, check out innovative technology and network with partnering businesses. As a vendor, Bio-Optronics has been involved with the annual Summit since its first year, and we love […]


Optimizing Facebook Ad Demographics for Clinical Research Sites

Last month, the Clinical Conductor Webinar series was hosted by Hannah Kepros and Matt Waller of PatientWise to discuss how sites can use Facebook to optimize their clinical trials. Utilizing Facebook to recruit for clinical trials is a great way for sites to quickly and easily find potential participants. Hannah and Matt started off their […]


How CTMS Speaks Directly to 21 CFR & Good Clinical Practice

While Good Clinical Practices (GCP) set forth by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) within 21 CFR are widely accepted and utilized within clinical study management, each industry interprets these practices differently. This has led to a widespread confusion in what “quality” really means when it comes to GCP. In a 2015 article in Applied […]


Three things to look for when selecting new technology for your medical practice

Investing in new technology is important to keep your medical practice running smoothly. Many tasks that providers and administrators face daily can be accomplished by technology, allowing them to focus on responsibilities that require human interaction. When looking for new technology that could improve your practice management, here are a few key things you should […]


The Continued Evolution of Integrating EMR and CTMS

Last month, the Clinical Conductor Webinar series was hosted by Cerner Strategist Rick Leesmann and our own Software Engineering Manager Jon Sinclair to discuss the integration of EMR and CTMS. This webinar discusses the benefits of both systems, the overlap between the two and benefits for establishing an integration between an EMR and an CTMS. […]