In the Face of Financial Setbacks, a CTMS Could be a Serious Remedy for Hospitals

According to Becker’s Hospital CFO Report, hospitals across the country are experiencing tremendous profit losses. In fact, over the past six months, 30 medium to large-sized hospitals have lost their CEOs; some left on their own volition, and some were let go. “That’s an increase in turnover, probably a reflection of the current volatility of […]


The Top 5 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Improve Workforce Optimization

Healthcare organizations are constantly looking for new ways to improve workforce optimization. By utilizing healthcare data analytics, new strategies can be found and implemented to improve health systems around the country. GE Healthcare recently published an article entitled “Top Workforce Management Initiatives: For Quality of Care Improvement and Labor Cost Reduction.” They surveyed almost 300 […]


Medical Science Liaison vs Clinical Liaison: What’s the Difference?

Research organizations utilize a variety of medical professionals to conduct successful clinical trials. Two of those positions are a medical science liaison and a clinical liaison. Both play a crucial role in keeping research organizations running smoothly, while taking on separate roles and responsibilities. While these two positions have similar qualities, medical science liaisons and […]


The Exhausted Doctor Will See You Now: How Physician Burnout Effects Patient Care

See if this scenario sounds familiar: a physician is working in an emergency room and is trying to get more information out of a patient before he can make a diagnosis. But when he has the opportunity to move on to the next patient, the EMR is crashing and he isn’t able to look at […]


May Tradeshows: A Review!

The Bio-Optronics sales team had a busy tradeshow schedule during the month of May, and we thought we’d take a look back at the month and give our thoughts! Bio-Optronics went to a variety of tradeshows for both Clinical Conductor CTMS and Momentum Scheduling to meet with potential customers, current users, and partners. From Seattle to […]