Biopoint Barcoded Point-of-Care (BPOC) was specifically designed for the VA to function similarly to BCMA to allow for continual electronic medication administration when BCMA or VistA experiences an outage.

To ease the purchasing process, Biopoint BPOC is listed on GSA, SEWP and NIH-CIO.

Biopoint Barcoded Point-of-Care (BPOC) can be found in the VHA TRM listings.

GSA Contract # GS-35F3-78BA


Electronic BCMA Contingency

Functionality designed specifically for VA facilities that operates similarly to BCMA for optimized adoption and maximized productivity.

  • Seamless transfer contingency information to VistA systems
  • Designed for fast adoption
  • Minimize risk for error

Med Cart Solution

The Biopoint BPOC Med Cart component of the application allows for the electronic administration of medications during VistA and network outages.

  • Allow staff to administer and document medications in a format similar to BCMA
  • Record all medication administrations, comments and PRN effectiveness updates
  • A format similar to BCMA allows staff to be comfortable and familiar with the software

Management Station

Manage all of your information from one station.

  • Manage your contingency information from one central location
  • Allows for the transfer of all contingency data back into VistA
  • Create medication orders and track med carts
  • Generate admissions to allow for immediate medication order creation

Create Medication Orders

Keep your medication records in sync, even in the event of outages.

  • Generate medication orders in the event of outages
  • Create a complete audit of medications ordered and administrated


Biopoint BPOC provides the seamless ability to execute standard BCMA reports.

  • Provides the ability to execute standard BCMA reports including PRN effectiveness, missed medications and MAH/MAR