Biopoint PI sets the standard in patient safety and care with the most advanced wristband, label and barcode technology.

To ease the purchasing process, Biopoint products are listed on GSA, SEWP and NIH-CIO.

The “Biopoint Patient ID Wristband System” can be found in the VHA TRM listings.

GSA Contract # GS-35F3-78BA


Color Photos

Leading-edge photo functionality that raises the industry’s standard for patient safety.

  • Sync existing photos from your HIS including the Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC), ADT systems, or other photo repositories
  • Quickly identify and match patients for clinical care and procedure tracking
  • Use photos for the generation of customized visitor ID badges that are linked to a particular patient for added security

Patient Wristband Barcodes


Barcodes easily configured to accommodate the needs of hospitals including medication tracking, therapy tracking, and data transfer into peripheral medical devices.

  • Barcode functionality 100% configurable to your organizational processes
  • Easily scan to document, meds administration, specimens and more
  • Allows for audit trail tracking
  • Quickly and easily identify the right patients for the right clinical procedures and medications


Software that works with VA the systems you already use!

  • Best-in-class solution allows for integration with your HIS, including VistA, Siemens, MediTech, Cerner and many more
  • Compatible with all Windows based printers
  • Advanced security privilege functionality

Custom Patient Wristbands with Barcodes and Pictures

Configurable Designs

Wristband, label, and visitor badge designs configured for every hospital or facility need.

  • Conform to AHA and other hospital or facility color standards
  • Add barcodes, clinical warnings, color photos, facility information and much more
  • Easily create visitor badges with the patient's image for added security
  • Incorporate facility logos directly onto wristbands, labels, and visitor badges

Biopoint PI Wristband Warning Flags

Clinical Warnings

Each patient is different and each patient has different clinical warnings. Biopoint allows for the creation of a library of facility specific clinical warnings that can be printed directly on patient wristbands.

  • Eliminate the need for multiple wristbands or indicators
  • Create a library of clinical warnings specific to your facility for printing on patient wristbands or labels


Have instant access to essential information you need in order to ensure the highest levels of patient care and safety.

  • Unprecedented filtering abilities
  • Quick wristband, label and visitor badge preview and printing functionality
  • Filter for patients on a wide variety of characteristics

Kiosk Module

Enable the automatic printing of patient wristbands once the patient has successfully completed the kiosk check-in.

  • Automatically print patient wristbands once the patient has successfully completed the kiosk check-in
  • Streamline the patient self check-in process
  • Supports VA and facility initiatives and improves patient satisfaction and resource utilization

Surgery Module

Sync your Biopoint PI functionality to your operating room with this add-on module!

  • Extract procedure information including anatomical location and surgical and automatically print directly onto the patient's wristband
  • Enable compliance with VA and facility directives, including VA Directive 1039

Emergency Module

Make ED chaos more coordinated and safer for your patients with the add-on Emergency Department module!

  • Automatically print wristbands in your ED or urgent care facility once the patient is checked-in
  • Avoid duplicate data entry in your patient database
  • Streamline your emergency room patient admission